Molybdomancy is the divination technique using molten metal. Typically, molten lead or tin is dropped into cold water. The process was invented in ancient Greece, but is commonly used as a New Year tradition in Nordic countries, German, and Austria. The resulting hardened metal shape is either directly interpreted as an omen of the future, or is rotated in candlelight to create shadows, which are then interpreted.

This series arose from an unfortunate accident while making a billet of Mokume’ gane’ for my wife’s engagement ring. I messed up big time and the billet fused in an unusable way. As the billet was made of fairly expensive material (fine silver and Shakudo), I could not force myself to throw it away.

I later melted it down into what I hoped would be a usable alloy, however the alloy was unable to be forged due to the mixture of metals. So, after researching molybdomancy, I experimented drop casting the alloy into cold water to create small, free-form cups. They looked so much like oysters or clams, that I decided to set pearls into them. The strange coloration of the metal comes from the mixture of materials in the alloy, which is now the proprietary “Uruz Alloy” blend.