Mokume’ gane’ is a Japanese technique. By stacking alternating materials, such as brass and copper or copper and silver, a solid billet is made. The materials are cleaned and stacked in a steel jig, tightened with bolts, and then immersed in a hot gas-rich forging furnace. The combination of heat and pressure fusion welds the materials, making them one. When milled (or cut into) and then rolled flat, the alternating materials reveal a pattern similar to wood grain or other natural patterns. Mokume’ gane’ translates closely to “wood grain metal” or “wood eye metal”.

Shakudo is a Japanese alloy of copper and gold.

Shibuichi is a Japanese alloy of copper and silver.

The Uruz Alloy is my own proprietary blend of silver and Shakudo (copper and gold), which gives the resulting alloy a beautiful shimmer. It was created from a failed Mokume’ gane’ billet intended for my wife’s engagement ring.