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reliquary ring | vertebra + blue flash labradorite + copper | Size 6 US/CA

Image of reliquary ring | vertebra + blue flash labradorite + copper | Size 6 US/CA

labradorite + copper vertebra bone ring | size 6 | labradorite ring | turquoise blue flash | skeleton jewelry | gothic ring | occult pagan ring | OOAK Uruz Metals

This listing is for one Labradorite and Copper Vertebra Ring handmade by Uruz Metals.

• In-stock item
• Listing is for the EXACT ring pictured
• Labradorite exhibits pale iridescent hues of blue, green, yellow-orange, and gray. The light effects, called “labradorescence”, cause an iridescent play of colors every time the stone moves and catches light. Semi-Translucent with flecks of gray and streaks of white.
• This unique ring features a copper electroformed small mammal vertebra (likely a skunk, racoon, or American opossum that was ethically sourced) and a natural Labradorite teardrop cabochon.
• The bone remains inside of the ring, rather than being cast, therefore each individual piece is unique unto itself.
• The ring is a Size 6 and cannot be resized.
• Rings have been sealed with a durable clear coat to protect the metal finish.
• Your ring will arrive nestled in a drawstring burlap bag made from recycled materials, which makes it perfect for gift giving.

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Item # 2017-021
ring color(s): antiqued copper and semi-translucent labradorite with fleck of gray and streaks of white, with a brilliant blue light effect

PATINA: Rings are treated with a black patina. It is a surface patina and will wear in time. Keeping the surface free of excess moisture will help preserve the patina. Over time, the copper will oxidize to a beautiful, natural patina.

GREENING: Rings are sealed with a clear lacquer, which may need to be reapplied to the copper band (commercially available as jeweler's Skin Guard). Particularly alkaline skin chemistry levels may cause greening along the base of the finger. This coloration is not harmful.

CARE + USE: Avoid wearing natural gemstone rings when participating in activities than can cause strikes to the stones. Avoid long exposure to moisture and water. Clean with a soft polishing cloth rather than harsh abrasives or ultrasonic cleaners. We like to use 'Sunshine Cloth' in our studio.

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