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Joshua Gates is the owner and primary metalsmith at Uruz Metals. Together with his wife, Chrystal, they design and create each product by hand in their small home studio located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Uruz Metals is inspired by the natural world around us: the textures, colors, forms, and biodiversity that surrounds the Mississippi River and are unique to Louisiana.  Our electroformed jewelry and sculpture incorporate animal and plant remains (leaves, insects, bones, etc) that we source ethically and collect by hand.  As such, each piece is one of a kind --- a truly unique piece of art.

Our finished pieces exhibit beautiful surface textures, like hammer marks and patinas, which demonstrate the mark of the maker.  Each mark conscientiously remains, giving the piece its own individual identity, a feeling of timelessness, and distinguishes that this work is made by hand.

The completed pieces are made from found, natural objects and built into wearable keepsakes. The materials we use have character and are inherently unique, and that is what we enjoy about working and creating with them. Although each object is described and photographed to the best of our ability, the nature of hand forging and sourcing of natural stones and minerals often lends to each product's uniqueness.

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Joshua earned Bachelor's Degrees in Metals and Glass from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, with a minor in Art History specializing in tribal art.  Influences from the American Craftsman and Art Nouveau movements of the late-1800s to early-1930s are present throughout his work.

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